2 thoughts on “Swatching around”

  1. I have been knitting a top down sweater for a baby, and wonder if (when the sleeve stitches are placed onto waste yarn) where I then have 86 stitches, could i put those stitches onto an
    Afghan crochet hook and continue doing the tunisian simple stitch to create a woven look, and could I use the same size hook as knitting needle. I am using a 4mm knitting needle. Just an idea that has been swirling around, and wonder if it would work.

    1. You can, but you will almost certainly need a different size hook. When I’ve combined knitting and Tunisian crochet, I’ve usually needed a larger hook and needed to make swatches to figure out which one.

      Something to consider – the crochet fabric will be heavier and thicker than the knitting. I have combined the two in a sweater before, but I used the crochet for the yoke of the sweater (for stability) and knit the sleeves and body. It worked quite well, but I’m not sure that a knit yoke with crochet sleeves would be so successful. On the other hand, a baby sweater shouldn’t be affected as much, so it’s probably worth a try!

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