A sad farewell to crochet

I tried resting my hands. I tried finding different ways to move my hands. I tried different kinds of hooks. But there’s no help for it: I’m going to have to give up crochet because it hurts my wrists too much. I’m only 44; the women in my family live a long time and I’d like to be able to do yarny things as long as possible.

I’ll go ahead and finish getting one more crochet pattern published, but after that I’m afraid I’ll be doing no more.

(Knitting seems to be okay; I’ll be going on with my knitting.)

ETA: I’ve had plenty of advice and suggestions. Please, no more. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “A sad farewell to crochet”

  1. This is very sad–my mother had to give up knitting large things (blankets, adult sweaters, etc) some years ago but was able to do small things for a while; it was the weight on the needles that really wound up hurting. I would assume you have thought about this, but just in case I thought I would speak up. Mostly, though, that just stinks.

  2. I am eleven weeks post op from hand surgery, I had my Carpel tunnel fixed along with arthritis in my thumb. I waited two miserable stubborn years before doing the surgery. I am so happy now, I am pain free in my right hand where I had the surgery and it is recovering very well. I found an excellent surgeon after visiting four of them. I am having my left hand done in September. I expect to be back playing with yarn full time with both hands feeling fine within the next six months. I know it sounds like a lot of time, but it is nothing when it is your hands. I started sneaking a knit or two in when my hand was still in the cast, my poor doc! If you are not ready for surgery see if you can get physical therapy it can help you figure out how to avoid the surgery for a while, though I am 56 and I know you are younger so I don’t think you will be able to avoid it altogether forever. I have fibromyalgia, and believe it or not just fixing the one hand reduced my overall pain levels by half. Something about rewiring your brain that I don’t fully understand well enough to explain but the important thing is there is something you can do and I am so happy I have had it done.


    1. My hands are fine so long as I’m not crocheting, so I am not too concerned at the moment. I still have plenty of other fiber crafts to pursue without medical intervention, but will be sure to consult a doctor if things change.


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