What do you like in technique videos?

So, I reached the funding goal at Patreon that commits me to starting to work on making technique videos to go with my posts.

I’ve watched a fair number of YouTube videos to learn knitting and crochet techniques, and so I have opinions about what I like. I also know that different people learn in different ways, so I thought I’d ask what you prefer. Please speak up if you have strong opinions, though of course there might be conflicting views to choose from.

Here’s what I have in mind:
1. I am not fond of watching someone’s hands hover on screen at the beginning of a video while they talk for a long time about what they’re going to be explaining. My thinking is that I will start all my videos with a brief demonstration of the technique in question (the TL;DW version) and then go into the whys and wherefores and things to try if something’s hard.
2. A solid background, probably dark.
3. The camera looking at my hands from my viewpoint – I have some thoughts about using my tablet or smartphone for this.
4. Bulky yarn in a light color, but not white. I think this makes things easier to follow.
5. Good lighting.
6. Captions.

Obviously, there’s a lot of things I’m going to need to learn about how to do some of those things and how to edit the results, etc.

Please feel free to share your opinions!

8 thoughts on “What do you like in technique videos?”

    1. Thanks – that’s a big help!

      I’m not going to give up on written tutorials (for one thing, I also prefer them). I just know enough people who can’t learn from them that I want to provide an alternative, at least for the techniques that nobody’s made a video for yet.

      The photography setups look as if they’d be a big help for the videos, too. I really appreciate the links – they’re great!

  1. Number One, all over the place. It drives me nuts to sit there and listen to disembodied hands fiddling with yarn while a voice explains what is going to happen in a wee bit. Get to the point!

    The other thing that appears to bug people is the state of someone’s fingernails. I am not saying you need a full on manicure, but clean and tidy appears to be the way to go. We (as in people in general) spend so much time looking at our hands they kind of disappear. Look for hangnails, dirt under nails – that kind of stuff.

    1. Thanks! I’ve stopped watching videos that dithered along, or if there were no alternatives, moved the slider to find the part when the knitting starts. Gah.

      A useful reminder on the nails. I’m going to have to do something about that before I start recording; I’m an inveterate nailbiter. Time to see what I can do about that.

  2. Amen to Item 1: I often watch videos without sound and the standing and talking to the camera or handshots make me crazy – get to the point! I love your idea of a TL;DW up-front blurb. I recently watched a 4-minute video about squatting for older people – it was 4 minutes of a guy standing there and talking, occasionally waving his hands around. No old people, no squatting. I just don’t get it. Since I watched it without sound, it was *really* pointless.

    I don’t imagine it will be a problem with you, but background noises are a no-no, too. Loud cars/trucks driving down the street, the dog barking in the background… you’ve seen and (unfortunately) heard those, too, I’m sure.

    1. Exactly. So pointless! I also think it’s better if a video is well-enough done that the viewer doesn’t have to be able to speak English to learn the basics of the technique.

      I might have to record the sound separately, but that’s no problem.

  3. Congrats on reaching a funding goal!

    Agreed- if you’re talking you could be knitting. For example, if something does require explanation, continue doing the action as you speak.

    I like when they show the technique then start repeating the action slowly and then in normal pace, and then again- that means I don’t have to rewind.

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