stitch map for free Greenland stitch pattern.

Stitch Maps (including the one for “Greenland”)

I think I posted about Stitch Maps a while ago. Anyway, they’re a different kind of knitting chart, like a cross between a knitting chart and a crochet chart. They show the shape of the knitting as well as the individual stitches.

My Patreon backers have pledged enough to let me subscribe to Stitch Maps at a premium level, so now I can post high-quality stitch maps with my stitch patterns on the blog as well as with my patterns for pay. Don’t worry; this will not replace traditional charts or written instructions in my work. It’s just another way of looking at things that some people find easier to read.

You can see all the public stitch maps I’ve made so far on the Stitch Maps website. (Please note that if there’s not a blog entry linked, it’s not one of the stitch patterns I designed.) I’ll be gradually adding stitch maps to the blog posts, starting with the one for Greenland, my last post, shown above.

I hope you like them!

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