4 thoughts on “Lucky Adelaide, from Three Waters Farm”

  1. Amazing! I’d never have expected that colour combo to turn into something so subtle. You’ve done a great job! I like the point you made on your project page about not spinning lengthwise so you get longer transitions. So nice 🙂 I’ve been doing it sort of willy nilly until now, but I’d like to do some fractal spinning.

    1. Thanks! I can tell that I’ll be looking at braids I wouldn’t have thought have buying before with a new eye because of how this one came out.

      I’ve also been thinking about trying some fractal spinning. I don’t have many braids at home, so after I spin up the batts and some of my other fiber, I think that might be my next experiment too.

      1. Yeah I’ve got a few totally bonkers looking braids from hedgehog fibres which I would have avoided before. Trying to hone my skills before i dig into them, they are too lovely.

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