Open thread

Right, I think it’s time to admit that I’m at a loss for ideas for what to blog about outside of my monthly Patreon stitch and one or maybe two other stitch patterns a month. I can’t do more free stitch patterns than that or it cuts into the work I’m trying to get done to sell. The frustrating thing is that I like blogging weekly; it usually helps me keep moving.

This week I’m going to open up the floor for questions – what would you like to see me blog about? (No guarantees that I will…) Are there any of my blog posts I should expand upon or explain further?

…I need to finish up the secret code rewrite, I know.

10 thoughts on “Open thread”

  1. I love seeing your secret code designs — they have their own folder on my computer. Don’t fret about not being able to do everything. We’re all living, breathing people, not automotons, so we have limits as to how much we can accomplish in any given time frame. Just keep up the great work, and do what you can handle.

    1. Thanks! The thing is that I do generally feel that my blogging is more comfortable for me when I can blog weekly, but I had run out of ideas for easier blog posts. But we shall see – if I can work on some new kinds of topics, then that could work out well.

    1. Oh, definitely the best recipe. But I like my blog better when I blog weekly, so that’s a major part of my request for suggestions and questions! We’ll see -there’ve been some good prompts posted.

  2. While I don’t want you to feel any pressure to blog more than you do, if you are looking for prompts/inspirations, here are some ideas: recommendations of patterns or books are always nice to see (and don’t have to be new); yarn shopping tips (what you look for in various weights particularly); what your favorite hand-knitted things are and their stories (or your favorite of your families’ things and their stories); things you haven’t done and why.

    You write very well and clearly about technical issues, but I imagine that those posts take a lot of time and energy to make so clear. I don’t think that writing those more frequently (and thus quickly) would be pleasant for you, although of course I would enjoy reading them. Perhaps a “fluff” piece would be quicker and the variety pleasant. Or not! If I had really good ideas, my place wouldn’t be defunct, would it?


  3. I like reflections on what makes for a pretty stitch pattern as you are experimenting with different arrangements. Can you tell right away from a stitch chart or stitchmap if a configurations will be a winner?

    Is there a rhythm in the making of a swatch that tells helps you know how to present a pattern?

    What insights do you get as you create stitch patterns that helps you set them in designs?

    I’m not sure these questions would interest anyone but me though!

  4. New reader, but do you have a hobby that tags along with knitting? Or do you want to reorganize your stash? Maybe go to and talk about some local stitch-n-bitch groups.

    I am working in building weekly blog posts, too.

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