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Omega: a free stranded knitting pattern

Omega is a Greek letter, used as the scientific symbol for the ohm, the unit for measuring electrical resistance. This makes it a useful symbol for resistance in general, and so I’ve made it into charts for your craftivism needs.

There’s one version that’s a single letter, useful for duplicate stitch or cross stitch. There’s another version that’s for making a band of stranded knitting around a hat or anything else you like.

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Resist: a free chart for stranded knitting and other crafts

On Saturday I went to the nearest Women’s March; not the one in Washington, DC. It was a moving experience, and it derailed my plans for today’s blog post.

Below, you’ll find a chart for stranded knitting based on the word Resist. I turned the letters into numbers, and then charted the numbers to make this pattern. The result isn’t exactly secret code, nor is it meant to be recognized by other people as a sign of your political affiliations. But if you want to make something you can wear unobtrusively as a reminder to  yourself, this is a stitch pattern for you. Here is a lace version of Resist.

(Added later) If you’d like more overt signs of resistance, here’s some patterns for you:

  • PussyHat Project,including patterns for knit, crochet, and sewn hats. You could probably adjust the pussyhat to use my stitch pattern, if you liked.
  • Resist hat (Ravelry link) from Donna Druchunas’s free ebook, Knitting as a Political Act, which includes links to other designers’ work as well.
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I will not be silent

I don’t think I have any eloquence in me. I don’t have a usual sort of knitting blog post, either. But I don’t think this is a time for keeping silent. 

When other Republican presidents have been elected in my lifetime, I’ve been worried, but not concerned about imminent disasters. This election is not the same. I am scared for the safety of my friends; I am scared for everyone I know who relies on the ACA, Social Security, and Medicare; I am scared for the environment; and I am scared for such fundamentals of our country as freedom of the press. And that’s just for starters.

Furthermore, white supremacists have been emboldened to attack people and leave disgusting graffiti in places calculated to hurt the vulnerable. 

Despite being scared, I cannot be quiet about this. I am going to do what I can to keep things from getting worse, and I encourage you to do the same.