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Linkety-Link, part 12

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll have seen these already.

Here’s some links to other people describing interesting and useful techniques. Enjoy!


Miscellaneous fiber arts

Skirt slit modification.

(I occasionally post about sewing and mending.)


I don’t like skirts with long slits. I liked this skirt at the thrift shop, but knew that if I were to sew up the slit, I wouldn’t be able to walk. But I had an idea. Why not put in some contrasting fabric as a reverse box pleat?

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Linkety Link!

Random fiber arts links, part 3

Random links. I’m going to be using my sewing machine again soon. Can you tell?

I’m afraid the extent of my interesting crochet links this week involves using a crochet hook to decorate knitting. I’m very much in favor of combining the two. 🙂

Make easy plaid (or vertical lines) on your knitting with a crochet hook and chain stitch.

Sew these ribbon holders, useful for headbands, or, you know, circular hooks or needles.

Sewing darts with a single thread in both sewing machine bobbin and needle. I must try this; human ingenuity is immense.

Popsicle stick rigid heddle looms for use with a simple backstrap loom setup.

Sewing narrow hems on the sewing machine.