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Linkety-link, part 11

Something I learned from a random post that came across my Pinterest feed:

Knitweaving has other names aside from knitweaving and inlay. It’s also called “woven knitting” (no surprise), as well as Estonian Inlay and Roositud. Both of the latter refer to the traditional use of it in Estonia, where it is used to form vertical bands of pattern in accessories like socks and mittens. There’s a clever way of making the woven yarn go back and forth while the knitting is worked in the round. It’s shown in this video:

I’ve collected all the patterns listed for the technique on Ravelry in this bundle, because there’s not enough patterns there yet to make it worth requesting a new attribute.

Now for the usual sporadic list of links:
(If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll have seen these already.)





P.S. I’ve had one suggestion on Patreon for a word to encode as a stitch pattern for September. If you’d like to suggest a different word, please support me on Patreon by the fifteenth of this month and comment on my activity page. I’ll do a randomized choice if you do. Or you could suggest a word by September 15…

WIP Wednesday (why not?)

Some craft bloggers I know post their works in progress every Wednesday. Or on some Wednesdays, at least. I might do it occasionally, as the whimsy takes me.

Today is one of those occasions.

I’m continuing to obsess over my personal knitting project: the rectangle of handspun love shown above. I’m allllllmost a fifth of the way through; looks like it’s going to be a small lap blanket. It makes me happy.

IMG_1062-0(click photo to enlarge)

I’m also doodling with combining knitweaving with other kinds of stitch pattern. A couple of my experiments were not promising, but I’m liking the current one just fine, and look forward to seeing what happens with a couple of the other combinations I’ve been thinking of. I suspect these will turn up as stitch pattern ├ętudes once I’ve worked out the kinks.