Gannet Designs patterns

My currently-available patterns are for sale in a couple of places: Payhip, and Gumroad. (Warning: if you leave my shop on Gumroad and go to the front page, there is an animation there.)

My shops in both places are set up basically the same way: you can choose the price you want to pay above a certain minimum price to make my patterns affordable to more people. I have a preference for Payhip for a variety of reasons, but I’m leaving my patterns on Gumroad .

(I’ll be adding photos when I can)



Crescent lace shawl

Bread & Roses

Rectangular lace stole


Asymmetrical triangle lace shawl

New Hope Creek

Garter stitch and reverse-garter stitch shawl with an interesting shape (half knit stitches, half purl).


C-shaped part-lace shawl

Sycamore Creek

Garter stitch shawl recipe with an interesting shape.


Katherine Whorl

Crochet hat with some knitting & embroidery (alternate instructions included for doing everything in crochet).


Hat recipe for many weights of yarn, with secret code in knit/purl patterns saying “onward”.


Ellerbe Mitts

Top down mitts with interesting surface decoration worked as part of the knitting


Stockinette mitts with steeks (to make matching mitts from difficult yarn)


Paper Snowflake

Knitted lace snowflake.

Sanguinaria yarn bag

Lace bag with a cord to hang it from the wrist, works for carrying yarn for knitting

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